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       Ship Stores Supply(Deck Stores and Engine Stores)       

       Provisions and Bonded Stores

       We have a large warehouse in Shekou, Shenzhen, which can meet the supply requirements of our customers in time and provide best materials supply service for vessels in each port.
We have already been the main supplier in Perl River Delta region. Besides, we provide services for a dozen ships every month. We have wide range services and adequate storage. The main materials we supply are: paint & chemicals, steel wire & rope, riggings& cargo nets, hardware tool, lamps& electrical appliances, labor protection material, bedding ,living materials as well as watering& colligation, ship-repair agency, life raft service, CO2 and dry powder service.
       We can also timely and quickly provide some ships steel and hard-to-get materials as international standard latch, water pistol, valves, flanges, 110V lamps& electrical appliances, the imported navigation bulbs and outdoor reflector bulbs, fuse, grease nipples of different types, ect.

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